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Restaurant Mission Statement

Every restaurant has its own unique identity, whether it’s the design, the menu, the food or the service no two restaurants are the same. Which leads to the following question, how do you stand out when uniqueness is the default?

This where your restaurant mission statement comes in.

Why write a restaurant mission statement?

In today’s world, most restaurant goers seek more than just food, they seek an experience. Whether it’s a one-on-one experience, a social cause, or an eco-conscious establishment, advertising your goals and brand identity is the best way to attract potential customers.

What is a restaurant mission statement?

A restaurant mission statement or a restaurant vision statement could be a story, or as the name suggests; a statement it should be a reflection of:

- restaurant values (ex. Farm to table, quick service, transparency, etc…)

- restaurant culture (ex, a family environment, eco-friendly, employing at risk demographics, etc…)

- Restaurant goals (ex. No food waste, a green environment, providing a fun experience, etc…)

How to write a restaurant mission statement?

There is no limit to what a restaurant mission statement can be, it could be a simple sentence or two, it could be an opportunity to tell a story, or the impact you strive to have over your community or the world as a whole. It is however, important to dive deep into what makes your restaurant what it is, what aspirations you have for your restaurant and the image you want to project.

In order to avoid writing a bland statement, there are some questions you can ask yourself that will help you map out your mission statement:

-What are the restaurant values?

-What goals do you have?

-What does the restaurant provide to its customers?

-Why do you do what you do?

-How do you make your mission successful?

Some restaurant mission statements to inspire you:

Jones The Grocer

Originally started in 1996 in Australia, Jones the Grocer was a passionate project derived from a desire to run an unconventional grocery store, café and cheese room. It was the first of its kind serving fresh, simple and delicious, artisan food along with the best flat whites before they were even a thing.

Several elements of our first store in Sydney remain and can be seen in the UAE & Qatar. These include a walk-in cheese room, communal dining tables, show kitchens, an exclusive range of gourmet private-label groceries as well as freshly baked cakes, pastries and breads.

There are over 20 Jones the Grocer stores around the world and we want to immerse diners, shoppers and anyone who happens to stumble in, into incredibly good artisan food in all its shared glory.

Gourmet food for everyday living.


nola energy all year long...

"We dance even if there’s no radio. We drink at funerals.

We talk too much and laugh too loud and live too large

and, frankly, we’re suspicious of others who don’t”. Chris Rose


SALT sprouted from an Airstream trailer at Dubai Kite Beach with the idea that real ingredients taste better. It is more than just a burger place where you eat quickly and go. SALT takes pride in creating a lifestyle movement where guests are welcomed as part of the SALT family, calling everyone 'Salters' and going the extra mile to make sure everyone enjoys the experience.

It is meant to be a 'Destination' that makes residents feel like tourists and tourists feel like residents. Just like the ingredient that enriches the flavor to a meal, SALT adds life to underserved locations, creating an environment like no other.

SALT was introduced in 2014 through a #findsalt campaign on Instagram – we distributed 100 salt shakers to people and asked them to take photographs of it in places, activities or with people that meant a lot to them. We wanted to find out what means the most to people, and to discover the places that they like to go.

We listened. Salters have determined the many SALT destinations and continue to influence the look and feel of the brand.

Whatever we are today is because you asked for it.

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