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Restaurant Sustainability

What is Restaurant Sustainability?

The word restaurant sustainability has been circulating more and more among the F&B circles, especially within the context of what customers are demanding, but what does it mean?

Sustainability refers to preserving, protecting or restoring the environment, promoting social equity and uplifting communities. As a restaurant, those goals can be achieved using a wide range of innovative tools.

Want to change your restaurant model into something more sustainable? Here is some inspiration from the latest Restaurant Sustainability Trends:

Look into eliminating restaurant food waste

Billions of tons of food are wasted around the world, not only does it add to the ever-growing greenhouse emissions, it also misuses a resource that some people find scarce. Not to mention the wasted energy, water and packaging. The best way to combat food waste is by keeping tabs on your inventory, and only ordering exactly what you need. This will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also reduce restaurant operational costs.

Go green in your restaurant packaging

From placemats to disposable cutlery, the amount of plastic and paper used by restaurants on a daily basis is more than enough to negatively impact the environment. Consider using green alternatives such as recycled or biodegradable material.

Broaden your plant based menu

Plant based dishes do not mean bland and boring, there are a variety of ways a chef can express their creative side, plant based doesn’t mean strictly vegan or vegetarian, it simply means that the majority of your ingredients are plant based.

Not only is it cost-effective, it also reduces the emission of greenhouse gases.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

With the ever-growing technological advancements, there will always be restaurant sustainability technology and software that connect you with a variety of green suppliers and help you manage your inventory to eliminate food waste such as eighty6

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